Not every business has the resources for a Human Resources department, however most businesses will need some type of HR support. CRT People Solutions can support your business in all aspects of your people consulting on a wide range of HR questions, concerns or generalised advice, we can conduct a full recruitment service for you and design / develop your own training packages to suit your needs.
We offer coaching and guidance to your business in regarding to supporting your recruitment needs, engagement and potential separation of employees. We support you with a professional service to; reduce your risks, to identify and engage valuable employees, to recognise and address possible problems early on before they become unmanageable, and much more.
If you would like to invest more of your time in running your core business and let us take care of your Human Resources needs, contact us for a free one on one consultation to understand how we can support your business in your ongoing success.

CRT People Solutions offer a wide range of services supporting small to medium business. This gives you reassurance in managing your valuable people who give your business your leading edge. The aim is for you to operate more efficiently to ensure higher levels of productivity and profitability. You get to focus on your business, we help you with your people.

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Libby is a highly accomplished people leader who has a clear understanding of what motivates and supports individuals to achieve. She can provide a strategic view on a situation and support this with clear analysis and thinking.

Libby will guide and coach individuals to a clear understanding of what they want to do, how they want to do it, and what achieving their outcomes will mean to them. Libby has a warm, outgoing and generous nature and it is always a pleasure to work with her and be inspired by her.

Eileen Macpherson - (former Area Manager Victoria for Thermomix)

Working with Libby is always a positive experience. She is on your side, and works with you to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes. Libby challenges your thinking, provides intelligent insights and solutions and encourages you to explore possibilities.

Melinda Pitts – Relationship Manager