CRT People Solutions helps you with the day to day experiences of managing your people.

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Whether you are a small company with less than 15 employees or a larger company with hundreds of staff, human resources management is a complicated and time consuming task. Keeping up to date with changing legislation is challenging at times and translating those changes to Human Resources consulting, recruiting and training can be outsourced to a specialist in the area.

Through the development of your policies and procedures it begins to set the standards for which you can manage your employees and you can set expectations for your successful business. CRT People Solutions can develop your policies and ensure they are relevant to your business, we ensure that they are current and clearly written.

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We take the sometimes tedious and time consuming part out of employing and managing people in the workplace. We can assist you as much or a little as you need. <

CRT People Solutions is your outsourced HR department, services include:
• Position Descriptions
• Advertising copy
• Conduct interviews
• Referee checking
• Employment contracts
• Award verification and application
• Onboarding
• Performance appraisals
• Salary reviews
• Performance management
• Workplace investigations.
• Warnings and terminations
• Restructuring
• Redundancies.

If you would like to invest more of your time in running your core business and let us take care of your Human Resources needs, contact us for a free one on one consultation to understand how we can support your business in your ongoing success.